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Projection Screens

Directly from the Top of the Industry - Harkness Projection Screens


Over 90 years of product development culminates in Harkness projection screens, which have been used in movie theaters and events around the world. Harkness screens offer suitable materials and innovative solutions for both 2D and 3D projection.

When you want to provide unforgettable movie experiences, Harkness projection screens are the right choice.

Multivision projection screen frames

Multivision’s CineVision is a modular solution that revolutionizes projection screen technology! With this unique system, the frame remains invisible when the screen is in place. The frame, made of robust anodized aluminum, is durable and high-quality.

CineVision is an ideal solution for large projection surfaces and can be easily adapted to fit any movie theater. The frames are custom-made to perfectly match the customer’s measurements. Additionally, CineVision can be equipped with a fixed or movable mask, providing additional flexibility to meet specific usage requirements.

2D & 3D -screens

An exceptional projection screen customized to meet your unique requirements.

Experience the Best with Projection Screens from the Leading Manufacturer

Over 90 years of expertise in projection screens by Harkness.

Latest Technology

Discover cutting-edge projection screens engineered with the latest technology.

Unforgettable Viewing Experiences

Our white screens feature a precise and non-reflective surface that ensures the best possible viewing experience. Our screens are durable, allowing you to enjoy their high quality for a long time.

Why Cinemafix?

Our services create world-class experiences

We build world-class movie theater with over 20 years of experience. Our services are always tailored to each customer´s needs. Feel free to tell us how we could help!


Are you planning an expansion or an update to the technology in the theater? Our experts are available, and our experience with numerous large projects can help you consider everything necessary to achieve the best movie experience.

Equipment Sales, Delivery & Installation

We sell all the equipment needed for a modern movie theater, from projectors to seats. Our in-house import from top industry leaders ensures the best quality for your theater as well. Our certified installers will set everything up and provide guidance on using the new equipment.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Project Needs

Each project is different, and the extent of the needs varies. We have worked on projects of various sizes and can provide a wide range of solutions. Feel free to tell us about your specific requirements!

Maintenance and Service Agreements Tailored to Your Needs

We also offer comprehensive maintenance and service agreements. Contact our sales team and let us know your needs. We tailor the agreements to each customer and case specifically, and if necessary, we can also recommend suitable options.

Everything you need for a successful movie experience

With functional presentation technology and a pleasant hall, a foundation is created, which is finished with comfortable lobby and shop spaces.

A world-class movie theater awaits

All of our services are tailored specifically to your needs. Get in touch with us, and let’s create a memorable movie experience for you.


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