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Displays Solutions

Enliven the environment and increase sales.

Movie theater display solutions

Different display solutions bring significant benefits to the needs of movie theaters as well.

Multiple applications

Displays can be utilized in various ways, such as:

The possibilities are endless! Contact us, and let’s design a solution tailored to your needs.

A wide range of options

Cinemafix brings versatile display solutions to your cinema quickly and efficiently.

Explore how displays have been utilized, for example, in stores and shopping centers.

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Why Cinemafix?

Our services create world-class experiences

We build world-class film ensembles with over 20 years of experience. Our services are always tailored to each customer’s needs, so feel free to tell us how we could help!


Are you planning an expansion or, for example, an update to the hall's technology? Our experts are available and our experience of many large projects will help you consider everything necessary to achieve the best movie experience.

Equipment sales, delivery & installation

We sell all the equipment needed for a modern cinema, from bulbs to chairs. Our own imports from the top of the industry guarantee the best quality for your theater as well. Our certified installers install everything and guide you in using the new devices.

Small and large entities

Every project is different and the amount of needs varies. We have worked with many projects of various sizes and we are able to implement a variety of different entities. So feel free to tell us about your needs!

Maintenance and service contracts

We also offer comprehensive maintenance and service contracts. Contact our sales and tell us about your needs. We always tailor the contracts according to the customer and the case, and if necessary, we also recommend a suitable package.

Everything you need for a successful movie experience

With functional presentation technology and a pleasant hall, a foundation is created, which is finished with comfortable lobby and shop spaces.

A world-class movie theater awaits

All of our services are tailored specifically to your needs. Get in touch with us, and let’s create a memorable movie experience for you.


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Call or send message

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